Careers in Digital Marketing

As you might know, digital Marketing is marketing through digital mediums like internet, social media, smart phones etc It is for those who find within a creative spark and passion for the internet. It pertains to knowledge in science, statistics, artistic visualization and e-commerce.

Matter of fact being – All the recent Bollywood movies have increased digital marketing spends beating the spends off OOH, if you see recently the twitter trends, YouTube advertising &Facebook pages have started to receive more marketing budgets as the cost of advertising is low and only on Digital Media you can target audience with customized targeting tools.
Digital careers cross a range of sectors – from the creative industries and professional services to not-for-profit and FMCG. Digital Media is an attractive prospect for new graduates and these positions are ripe for the taking for digital natives like your-selves!
Why Careers in Digital Marketing:

Future Oriented Career
Better paying domain
Constant competition and changes in technology
A booming sector for growth
Exact Value from big data to make best decisions.
Manage complex customer relationships across all channels both Traditional and digital
Initiate dynamic customer interactions.
Following are the career options available in Digital Marketing:
Analytic Manager
Affiliate Marketing
Content Strategy
Content Marketing
Digital Account Manager
Online Public relations
CRM and Email marketing Manager
Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director
Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager
E commerce Manager
PPC Search Manager
Search Manager / SEO Manager
Social Media Manager or Community Manager
Web Developer and Web Designer
The job role for each and every designation is quite different and challenging. Few of these careers are mentioned in brief:
o Digital Account Manager will have to work on a variety of things. He or she will go for market research, build up links with clients, combine digital marketing with traditional marketing, etc. Apart from this, the Digital Account Manager will also have to monitor the marketing campaigns in order to know whether or not it is working successfully. The Social Media Manager and the E-commerce Manager will have similar line of work in their respective fields.
o The Job will be concentrate on promoting and marketing through media and mobile outlets such as internet, email, text and social networking sites. Working on brand awareness and various marketing campaigns. To develop quality marketing content as well as inception, developing and implementation of campaigns.
o Copywriter will be responsible for writing all the text for various channels of digital campaigns. Will be more focus on writing such as email blasts, text campaigns, social networking site posts, pop-up ads and website content.
o CRM and Email marketing will manage the quality and consistency of data capture across all customer touch points including the website, stores, competitions, call centre and in store events. Ensuring that email targets are communicated and work with the ESP to develop and deliver the email strategy/road map to deliver against targets.

So Learning Digital course from a reputed Institute, which provides practical oriented training rather than traditional teaching approach, is suggestive. If you want to gain expertise on all the latest Digital Marketing Tools that would help achieve tremendous success!

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