Careers Beyond Fashion Designing in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the hub of fashion and glamour. Apart from fashion designing, there are other job roles that might not be very glamorous but are very important and are needed to perform so as to make fashion reach out to the target audience. Even if you do not have the natural skills to design and accessorize clothes but still want to make a career in this, then you can look for other work options such as that of fashion merchandising, Marketing, Fashion forecasting etc. To make a career in these areas, you should choose an institute that offers a comprehensive course that not only imparts training in fashion designing but extends the knowledge in fashion by providing education and training in Fashion Marketing & Fashion Merchandising etc. In a nutshell, to gain competencies in other fashion jobs; you should opt for a course in fashion technology.

A course in Fashion Technology will help you develop competencies as Quality Controller, Concept Designer, Product Developer, Illustrator, Forecaster, Advisor, Sourcing specialist and Retail Store Manager. It will equip you with the required skills that will help you to become a fashion professional who can easily take up other important jobs in the industry. In such a course, you are provided knowledge about the basics and advanced design process, pattern making, Textile studies, garment construction, merchandising and production Techniques etc. Some of these careers are discussed further in the Article.
You can make a career in fashion merchandising. The job of merchandisers is follow fashion trends religiously and devise and conceptualise marketing strategies. They should know the pulse of the consumer and predict their preferences and trends that are likely to hit the market. Retail Management in fashion is another area where you can make a career while being in sync with the industry. Knowledge of different brands, new and old, popular and not- so popular; you should be updated with knowledge of maximum brands available in the market and that are likely to hit the market. Production Management is another great career option in fashion. Students of fashion by studying a technology course are equipped with knowledge about textile studies among other things and can take up jobs in production management. They are entitled with the responsibility of getting clothes made in the manufacturing unit. High quality production is what every business aims at and the industry is no exception. The production manager co-ordinates with suppliers of raw materials and get the manufacturing process done while keeping the financial and economic feasibility in mind. Like in other areas, people management is highly important in the fashion industry too. Thus, you need to acquaint yourself with business practices too. Thus, a fashion course should not only concentrate on designing but also focus on other aspects too such as business practices and management, though in brief.

If you are looking for a fashion design institute in India which offers a course that will help you take up the aforementioned roles in fashion, then you should consider WLCI. This fashion designing institute offers a comprehensive course in Fashion Technology.
So, make a career in fashion in other important roles in fashion industry. Fashion designing may have a higher visibility but behind the curtain there are other people who put the fashion industry on a roll.

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