Drone Technology Helps Real Estate Agents Sell Houses

Drone is UAV or unnamed aerial vehicle. It is also known as Remotely Piloted Aerial System. Actually drone can fly in auto pilot mode or someone can operate it from the ground with the help of remote control. Currently apart from defense, drone has been used in different sectors including commercial purposes. Even drone technology has helped real estate agents to sell the houses also. As drone has possessed a camera which is able to take video and still image. So while buyers come to property dealers, they would show this video or still image, so that buyers can understand the location of the house, its shape and size.

Real estate agents in Jaipur are now trying to use drone technology to increase the sell of the house. But before using drone technology, property dealers in jaipur should maintain a few regulations.

  • Drone operators should take permission from aeronautical
  • In case of commercial purpose, operators should fly the drone within 500 feet height.
  • Drone should be operated in daylight.
  • Normal speed of the drone has to be100 miles per hour.
  • Drone has to be operated within the visual line of the sight.



Drone has contained a high quality camera and with the help of the camera property dealers in jaipur can show the location and position of the building, as drone video gives bird’s eye view, potential buyers can see the entire site, its topography and situation. There is no need to visit the site, with the help of the drone video; buyers are able to take glimpse of the site and understand its fundamental features. Even shape and size of the building can be identified with the help of this video. It would give a better view of the surrounding area.

This video informs buyers about the local transport, roads, shops, markets, schools, parks, etc. While drone is taking housing video, it always emphasis and highlights the best features of the house, so naturally buyers can see its interesting features.

The demand of drone video is gradually increasing as buyers understand from drone video they get a clear picture of the site, its location, shape, size, magnitude, features and aspects, therefore it is quite hassle free and time saving procedure. At the same time it is very cost effective method also, so buyers always try to see drone video in order to get clear picture of the complex.

Features of the house:

Real estate agents in Jaipur are offering various residential apartments, so potential buyers can get small, large, medium housing complex with different range. Various facilities and amenities are included with it. 2BHK, 3BHK rooms are available which are affordable and reasonable. Property dealers in jaipur are providing new and modern style of residential complexes, its unique design and plan make this complex more popular and trendy.

About builders:

In jaipur, a number of well known builders are manufacturing residential place as well as commercial place and develop pink city. Most of the real estate agents in Jaipur are working in top class housing development Companies which are situated in Jaipur.

Conclusion: Therefore a few days ago while property selling was bit difficult, but now with the help of drone technology, it has become simple and hassle free. Day by day demand of drone video is rising as it is cost effective procedure to get fundamental information about the complex.


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